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Silesian Overground Experience

5. 11. 2016 10:00
Ostrava-Slezská Ostrava, Ostrava, okres Ostrava-město (zobrazit na mapě)

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The third largest city in the Czech republic was once the coal and steel heartland of the communist utopia. The work shaped the mentality of the citizens as well as the environment itself and those two things influence each other every day. From the past times imprinted into the present, the present sketches the unsure future.

Within its own geographical uniqueness and problems, take a part in the excursion, learn something new and wait for your ideas to inspire you. While being a part of Silesian Overground Experience, enjoy it all with EGEA Ostrava and feel on your own skin actual geographical issues of deindustrialisation, air pollution, urban planning and many more – everything in its raw form.

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